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Each air compressor requires a specific oil to achieve maximum uptime, performance, and service life. Our oils meet all needs

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Separators Oil / Air

The standard conventional oil separator is the original design for the removal of oil aerosols from the compressed air stream.

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Series MNA


Series MNA


Series MNA


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Air Compressor

We offer a wide variety of high-quality compressor models, including both stationary and portable options. Visit our website at to find the perfect compressor for your needs.

Available models:

  • Screw Air Compressor MACY 5/7
  • MNA-15LG
  • MA-22
  • MA-37
  • MA-75

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For over 35 years, our team at Masia Industrial has been dedicated to providing top-quality industrial solutions to customers across the United States. With our extensive experience and expertise in the global industrial landscape, we specialize in providing cost-effective and innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of our valued American customers.


To offer highly advanced technology products and specialized services that provide solutions in compressed air generation, dryers, electronic and consumable systems, oriented to the industrial sector, under commercial schemes that improve the Positioning of our customers and Masia Export & Import LLC in the American market.


To become a technological ally of the American industrial park, through the confidence in our organization, availability of a wide range of equipment, specialized services and spare parts, for the automation and control of processes, adapting them to the client’s needs, consolidating our management towards a sustainable business model.


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We strive to maintain highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.

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Our wide range of industrial solutions includes high-quality air compressors, as well as filters and oils specifically designed for use with compressors. Our compressors are available in a variety of sizes and power types, including gas, diesel, and electric, to suit any project site needs. Meanwhile, our filters and oils are carefully formulated to provide optimal performance and reliability, ensuring that your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently.

At Masia Industrial, we understand that your success depends on the quality and reliability of your equipment. That’s why we are committed to providing unparalleled customer service, expert advice, and top-quality products that meet your unique needs. Trust us to be your go-to partner for all your industrial needs, and experience the difference that comes with working with a team that truly cares about your success.

We provide great, on time services to our valuable customers.

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Filter elements

MASIA has a wide range of air inlet filters, using cellulose, synthetic and fiberglass media, of different efficiencies, which will greatly reduce this contaminant.

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